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If It Be Not Now…

I asked Sam Starbuck this question a while ago and here’s the answer.


One of the questions I was asked, back when I was soliciting for essay topics, was this:

Something I like to ask all writers is how do they get ready to write. Do you do a lot of research first? Create an outline, if so, how detailed? Do you use index cards? A white board? Or, do you get an idea and run with it, flying by the seat of your pants? How much of your process is done with actual paper and pencil and how much on the computer?

(Thank you Evaine at livejournal for the question!)

It made me think of a Hamlet quote taken badly out of context:

If it be not now, yet it will come—the readiness is all. — Hamlet V.ii

Hamlet’s basically raving there, but as ever, he knows a hawk from a handsaw, and there’s a grain of truth in it. Readiness usually…

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Heidi gives good info! 🙂 I would be first in line to take her class, let me tell you! And I don’t want to lose this, so I’m reblogging it. 🙂

The Amazon Iowan

This is basically an introduction to a course I’ve wanted to teach for a long time, and it seems appropriate to post it as we approach National Novel Writing Month. I acknowledge this is a huge topic boiled down to three thousand summary words, but hopefully it’s still of some value. And maybe someday I will teach this class.


We’ve all heard the story about agents and editors reading the first paragraph of a submission and rejecting it immediately. It’s a true tale, but it’s not the most important one. A much bigger problem for authors is that readers use this rejection tactic too. You think getting an agent or editor is tough? Ain’t nothing, baby, on snagging a loyal reader. What makes editors, agents, and readers toss your work away? Odds are pretty good you lost them with pacing.

Pacing is the rhythm, the beat, the forward pulse…

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