I didn’t get anything really concrete done today.  Too much crazy online and I had to go out and have the regular blood tests this aft.  But I did mind work.  Another character popped into my head – one of the MC’s mothers – and I spent a lot of time mulling her over and thinking about her and how she might fit into the story.  Later tonight or tomorrow, I’ll get her character sheet up in Scrivener.

In other news, I went to pick up my latest batch of comics.   Sadly, my comics shop is moving locations and won’t be as easy to get to anymore.  I can still get my books shipped to me or even have the owner drop them off because he lives in the same neighbourhood as I do.  He also had a little prezzie for me.  A copy of a Mike Grell Green Arrow!  Mike Grell is my favourite, most very favourite comics artist.   I was thrilled.

Apropos of not much, tomorrow the weather forecast is for temps going up to summer type levels.  I can’t WAIT!  Then it’s going to get chilly again, but we’ll take what we can get.